Penthouse Floor: She-stories

As soon as we parted ways, I was wanting more of his sweet energy. I took the phone out of my purse ten times and smacked my hand each time.

“Dy, you will not call him”.

As I was settling into the penthouse over looking the beach sipping champagne, both Jez and Delilah sent messages that their planes were delayed due to rain.

I was going to have a few more hours to myself before the Tsunami that is Jezebel hits South Beach. I love her to life, but she is non stop. She may be a little calmer this trip considering Sammy wore her ass out during his last visit.

But that is a whole lot of ass, so we will see.

I love being around her. She is the definition of liberating. We are different but very much the same. She has helped me get back to me on more than one occasion.

I have not talked to Delilah in a minute. She has really been going through with her parents. Her mother is the classic battered wife without the the fists being thrown. She sees herself in her and in the men she choses, her daddy.

Delilah needs this break and a break it will be. Ten days in Miami. Shopping, drinking, dancing and a little Latin lover attention…maybe.

Right as I stare at my phone for the 11th time, Titus calls. My face lights up.

“Hello, this is Dyana”

“Hello beautiful. This is Him.”

“Hello, Him. I was just thinking about you”.

You were? What were you thinking?”

“I was thinking, that I really wanted more of you’re energy”

“Now, I am glad that I called you. And for the record, please call me whenevere you desire. No hesitation. Just be you”.


“Yes, really. I told you I am Him”.

“Why are you referring to yourself as Him, sir?”

“Because, I am the man you’re soul has been longing for”

This damn man better stop with this bullshit.

“Is that right?”

“It is”.

“Why? What gives you that impression?”

“Dyana, I am going to just show you who I am. When I purposefully brushed against you on the plane, everything in my being rose to attention and your eyes. Your eyes say, I am strong. I am fierce and I am tired. I want to give the most beautiful woman I have ever seen with that flawless skin, everything she needs”.


“May I ask have your girls arrived?”

“You may. And no, they have not”.

“Can I see you?”

“You just saw me”.

“Yes, I did. May I see you again? May I give you some more of my energy?”



“I have to get to where you are.”

“No. You are already here. Didn’t you say you were staying at the Palm?”

Shit, I did. I tell to much.


“So, am I. I didn’t want to say anything because I did not want shit to get weird. I am on the 24th floor”.

“I am on the 24th floor. There are only 2 suites on this floor. One on each end. So you mean to tell me that you are on the west end?”

“I am”.


“May, I see you”.

‘You may. I will come to you. The girls may get in earlier than expected”.

“That is fine. I will open the door for you. Just walk down the hall, and keep turning until you see West P.”

“Ha, Ha, Ha. Ok, its a date. I am going to grab something to eat from the cafe downstairs first. Do you want something?”

“I do”.


“I want you to tell me what you want to eat so I can have it sent to the suite. And I also want something else?”

“What do you want Titus?”

“You. I want you”.

Short Story Series, Dyana# 11

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