Jezzy Miami Bound

Thank Goddess that man is gone.

Sammy has been all on me, over me and inside of me for 3 days. Three whole days. My everything is throbbing but it is a sweet throbbing but my ass needs a rest and so does my mind.

I love the time we spend together. I love to see him walking through the door and I love to see him walking out of it. If I were the marrying type, he would be my “I do”, but I ain’t. So, no-go.

Autocracy is a beautiful thing.

Someone asked me if I ever get lonely and I don’t. I have a very full life and I have beautiful male companions that I share myself with when I want to share.

When I get older, I may live closer to someone, next door or something but never in the same crib. I am allergic to the sharing of an address.

I cannot wait to get to Miami. Dyana is already there. She landed early this morning and has filled up her day with some man that sat next to her on the plane.

I will get that 411 when I get to the hotel. We have one place we stay in Miami. The magazine owns a Penthouse condo there and the senior staff can rent it out for the cost of the monthy maintenance fee. It is pricey but worth every dime.

The white glove service is stellar and the Latin lovers, are never in short supply. But this trip, I may not get my pussy sucked. Sammy had me on tap but I am the J. E. Z. …

After some tequila, pussy may get some energy.

-Short Story Series

Jezebel #6

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