Delilah’s Delight

It really is true.

We have to make room in our lives for what we want because when we do, what we want appears by design.

Titus is such a beautiful man. We talked and giggled the entire plane ride. The flight attendants teased us, querying “ya’ll picking up plane sand to take to the beach?

Love connection. First Class. Row 2. Seats 5 and 6″,


As soon as we landed, we found ourselves talking some more over Cuban coffee and my favorite danish watching the planes take off and land.

I love Miami.

The food. The music. The coffee.

The men.

My girls and I take one “stank” trip a year. Its our time to get our bad girl on and we make each other sign NDA’s. For real, we do. That is how wild we get. With Jezebel being a writer and thangs, we do not want to appear in any of her books or magazine articles. Our circle will quickly figure out who did what.

As I sit under the Miami sun and Titus wipes the sweat from my edges, I think this trip is going to be a little different. I believe life is getting ready to be different.

The name he programmed in my phone when he saved his number in the contacts… “HIM”.

“Cute” I said.

“Real” he said.

Dana Lena’


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