Win Harder!

A few days ago, I noticed that my child support case is in the arrears almost $10,000.00 when I had to log in to upload a document.

David Vincent Harris is past due again. The person always running his mouth about who should do what and when.

I know y’all don’t know who the hell he is, but unfortunately, I do.

Why can’t this man keep a job? Why doesn’t he have a savings to tap into 2 keep his child support paid when he is terminated?

If a source of income dries up for me, I still have to take care of my children. I do not have the luxury of excuses?

Children have to be housed, clothed and fed every single day.

DHS is not going to give me 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 days. Why is he still in this struggling position after almost 50 years, 5 decades of life? Trying to “stay” enforcement actions and keeping from driving with a dirty license.

He should be tired of his ghetto bullshit. But he ain’t.


Short answer.


I remember the position he took claiming he was winning.


Not really sure how that is with that rent a center life, unemployed energy and all that criminal abandonment but the delusion is real.

If y’all see him tell him to pay his damn child support. This shit is ridiculous and I am focused on raising greatness.

I don’t have time for the bullshit. I am busy doing the real winning.

-Dana Lena’


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