Sammy’s Plea to Jezebel


I appreciate the jewel, the rarity that you are. You are the first and only woman who has ever been enough for me and I desire to be enough for you.

My greatest challenge with loving you is loving you. Everything I need you are. Everything I want you are and you give all of who you are to me…every single time. Without hesitation or resistance.

I have resisted my almost uncontrollable desire to subdue you. You have no idea how much I have grown and grow daily as I learn to love you the way that you need me to love you.

The first time we kissed, I could feel all of you coming through your tongue and through your lips and I knew we would be some kind of forever.

I am not pressing you. I will not crowd you. For you to give me what I want would be the life of me and the death of you. So I let you go. Every single time, knowing that you will come back to me.

Not because you have to but because you want to. All I ask if I may is that you pause on this Trey dude. Just give us a minute. Just me and you.


Short Story Series


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