A Hint of Ecstasy: She-Stories

Sammy flew in to tell me “I told you so” in person. G has been blowing up my phone like a crazy person. The last time he called, I let Sammy answer, and let’s just say that conversation did not go well.

I am glad Sam is here. He always makes me feel better. He has such a soothing spirit.

I normally pick him up from the airport, but this time he wanted to Lyft in. I left the door unlocked for him as I soaked in a hot bath. Soaking is a part of my nightly ritual.

He came in very quiet. He wears a silver bracelet with a ton of charms on it so I always know when he is close. I heard the movement of his wrist as he dropped his bag.

He peaked his head into the bathroom and flicked his tongue. Oh, he walked through the door ready.

As I got out the tub, he asked that I not dry off. He wanted me wet and I did as he requested. I approached him with my normal “Hey baby” salutation and he replied “Hey baby”.

As I walked towards him he took of his shirt, shoes and socks. Leaving on his pants.

A little odd.

He reached for my hands and lifted me up. I thought he wanted me to wrap my legs around his waist….but he still had on his pants.

He lifted me some more and told me put press my knees into his shoulders. His fingers found their way inside. His clitoris foreplay is next level. My, Goddess! What he does with his fingers.

He lifted me some more and told me to put my legs around his neck and he placed his tongue inside. Using the cheeks of my ass to rotate me. Sucking and pulling until every part of me was throbbing.

The gravitational pull and the spinning my of my ass had me dizzy and then there was heat, fire and rain. Lots of rain.

Trey, who?

-Short Story Series


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