Problem Gone:She-Stories

This daddyfucker.

G is a whole damn lie.

I go to his crib last night to talk to about our future over lovemaking and at 1am, some chic is banging on his front door. We are supposed to be full disclosure and completely forthcoming. Who the fuck is this? I do not care what he does, I do however; need to know about it.

I was surprised to see that he did not have control over what was going on. This woman was screaming in a drunken rage. She woke the entire street up yelling about money and a baby.

A baby?

He came back to the bedroom mumbling about “being tired of this shit” and grabbed a few hundred dollars from his wallet. I sat up and scanned his being. I know good and got damn well that this man does not have a child that I do not know anything about.

He gave her the money and she left just as quickly and chaotically as she had arrived.

He could see fire in my eyes?

“G, you have a baby”.


“Yeah, what do you mean, yeah?”

“That is Sharon. I met that bitch in a bar and we fucked a few times. Months later, she pregnant. We DNA. Baby is mine. I don’t fuck with her or the child. I pay child support and sometimes it apparently is not enough. She shows up and does this. I pay her. She leaves”.

“What kind of low life fucker are you? I cannot believe you have a whole child in the world that you do not see. That you do not love and support. I do not care if she was a crack ho under a fucking bridge who sucks dick for a living. The moment she had your child, she became your child’s mother and someone you should be wholly concerned for.

“That bitch, as you call her is raising your child. YOUR CHILD”.

“Jez, we were never like that. It is some shit that should not have happened”.

“A child is some shit that should not have happened? You are a low life piece of shit”

I start to gather my things.

“I do not know what mental affliction you have that has convinced you that it is alright to have a child and not parent that child. I do not know what I have done in our space together that has allowed you to think that I would ever be good with a man who is your kind of bum”.

“Jez, wait! Just Listen”.

“Don’t Jez, just listen me! You do not have shit to explain. Shit to say. In all this time, you have not mentioned this child.I do not fuck with irresponsible, excuse making, in hiding, child neglecting assholes. I will never and I mean never be the kind of bitch that you can date and you’re own fucking kid does not see you. I grew up missing a father. I know what that shit feels like. I am not doing this with you”.

The world will judge you by the father you are or are not and the verdict will not be pretty. And you call yourself a man.

Lose my number and the the taste of me in your mouth.

Sorry ass bastard”.

I left that piece of shit standing there with his dick in his hand and an open mouth. I am not the woman who rewards unacceptable with my presence.

Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.


Sammy will believe every bit of this shit. He said G was soft. That he was a lightweight in the grand scheme of things. I just thought Sam was throwing salt…but he was throwing truth.


Short Story Series

Short Story Series Support

I enjoy these stories. This financial gift is appreciation for this art form. This voice.


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