Protest by Walking Out

I did a podcast asking people to identify the kind of protester they are, Malcolm or Martin failing to identify that many people are neither. Many people for the first time in their lives are mustering up the courage to speak UP and OUT due to the egregiousness of the murder of George Floyd.

People who have lived their entire lives in privilege or silence are being compelled to say and do something for the first time and I have been insensitive to that. I have been insensitive to the reality of the little old white woman who is retired in Palm Beach or the kid on the campus of Liberty University who knows in his or her soul that America is wrong in so many ways and they are trying to figure out what they can do, what they can say in their space.

This has kept me up at night. I am bone tired……as my family has protested in the streets of Atlanta, and every where we go. I really did not want to hold any ones hand and give them daily motivation to do something. Either buy a gun and shoot back or shut up….is kinda where I was and then I think God spoke to my heart.

I have to accept that not everyone is as bold and outspoken as Martin or Malcolm. Not everyone wants to be in a confrontation or even knows how to handle confrontation. Not everyone has had to fight their entire lives and many are laying down their privilege to join this fight as they should.

So because I am a solutions chic and not a complaining chic, I spent the night thinking about ways more people could be involved and engaged without making a scene or even having to speak.

All while I was driving and running errands to day, I was designing this idea in my head.

It is WALK OUT MONEY card. A very simple sized business card that says……

You can print it and leave them on the table, you can take a picture of it and leave the business a message on social media or you can just simply ask for the manager, hand it to them, allow them to read it, get it back and walk out without saying any more if you do not want to. Use the back to write down the businesses you WALKED OUT of and it will boast your confidence and activism is increased

Share your WALK OUT experience on social media and tag me at iam_danalena

When we are hurting and angry it is very easy to lash out and minimize where people who are genuinely trying to help are. I  have done this and I am sorry  y’all.

Snap a picture of the card, print it, leave it and simply walk out. That is something every one can do.

We have to get to a place where those who hate and advertise hate are uncomfortable. We have to have the kind of society where we do not support businesses and organizations that allow free speech to hurt and degrade people. They can scream all they want but no one has to be around to hear it.

-Dana Lena

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