Darkness & Despair

I recently had a conversation with a male that said he does not see his children because their mother will not “let” him.

I asked him if he had court ordered visitation and he said no, he didn’t want to go through all of that.


There are millions of non custodial parents (both men and women) who do not have relationships with their children or a visitation plan in place to ensure that they will have one.

Dark souls in deep despair.

A person who has a child with someone that they are not legally married to, first priority should be to petition the court for a visitation plan and establish a child support order. Two distinct actions.

That is what is required.

It’s called being responsible and accountable to the life brought into the world.

No man or woman can keep someone from seeing their child.

That is a crime.

No one would be able to keep me from my children. I would show up without fail with an army if I needed to. They are apart of me. I am incomplete without them.

People do what is important to them and it was not important enough for this lost soul to legally solidify himself in the life of his children.

This is exactly why he remains unfruitful and unfulfilled.

There are people in the world we must do right by. Those people are our parents and our children.

People think character is revealed in what we do. No, it is truly revealed in what we do not do.

This males youngest child is 14 and wants nothing to do with him. His oldest is 18 and wants nothing to do with him. Rightfully, so; he had nothing to do with them.

I do not have any advice for him but to his children I say, go on and be great. Relish in the love you receive from those who are present and engaged. The male that contributed to your conception is void of dignity, honor, purpose and worth. He has nothing substantial to give you, which is why you have received nothing substantial from him.

This persons confession was a solicitation for understanding, an attempt to soothe some guilt and remorse.

No, Sir.

He should feel like a piece of shit for abandoning his children. If that is not reason for feeling like a piece of shit, I do not know what is.

-Dana Lena’


P.S. And for the naysayers that say children need a biological’s presence to be great, I draw your attention to the 44th President of the United States. President Barack Obama. He saw his biological father ONE TIME. He THRIVED because he was open to receive the abundance of love from his mother and supportive family/friends around him. Never let a fool stand in the way of great.

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