When I became a mother, I asked God to show me who my children are and to make clear their path. It was probably my first MAMA PRAYER.

I could not think of anything more crucial to their well being as the identification of purpose (other than love, food, shelter and clothing of course). I was not wandering through motherhood trying to figure out their path and I did not want them wandering through life unfulfilled trying to figure it out. So I went to the Manufacturer.

“Creator, these beings belong to YOU. Reveal to me who they are. Reveal to them, who they are”.

SPIRIT answered. Loud and clearly.

My son Evan is a music genius. From the age of 11, he knew exactly who he was. Dubbing himself, MUSIC and scribbling “I am music” on my damn furniture. He is off to college this fall with gigs in between.

MAMA PRAYER: “Lord, keep my baby safe. Away from skanks and drugs.Thank you”.

My daughter Hannah knew at 3 or 4 she was some kind of entertainer. This was clear during a children’s choir performance one Sunday morning. Before a packed black church, she stood front and center doing Hannah. After the rendition, the Minister stood before four thousand or so people with lights glaring asking the congregation after walking to her and grabbing her tiny fingers, “whose child is this?”

I raised my hand and then stood for him to ask “What is her name?” I replied, Hannah.

He said, well CLC, let me introduce Hannah and her choir, Joyful Noise. Then she started Praise Dancing. She is 10 in the video below and has grown tremendously thanks to her training in performance arts school.

Fast forward a few years and contemporary dance began to ooze out of her pores and then there is acting.

It was on the set of ROBBIE where she decided she would be an actress and I began re-arranging to accommodate her vision.

She worked on this set last year and it has finally been released. It is so hard to keep her gigs under wraps until production is over and it airs. Can’t wait to share what’s in the pipeline and for filming to resume.

Check her out on Robbie, Comedy Central 1:7. She is seen and not heard during this filming but this opened up doors and the doors just started to swing open.

Season 1:7 Comedy Central or watch on Amazon

I love everything about my life and my woman but I adore the opportunity I have to stand behind my children and in support of them. I was appointed by the Universe as steward over their purpose and I be damned if I stand in their way.

So whatever I have to do to be wherever they need to be is what I do. This is their time.

-Dana Lena’


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