Loves Door

This morning, I woke up eager to love you. Actually excited about loving you

Creatively thinking about what I am going to do to reveal my love for you today

The space I have created in my life for you is precious to me

It grows and expands as I grow and expand

The freer I become

The more I become

The more I have to share



I feel love on the tip of my lips, the back of my neck, in the way you speak to me, the way you gaze into my being

I feel love in the sweetness of your kisses, your example to my son, the love and adore of my daughter

I feel love in the way you hold me close and the way you let me go

When it is time for me to go and explore

You hold the door

I have proven

We have proven

My wandering is not lost and I coming home to you

Home is wherever we are

Where ever I am

Where ever my God allows my spirit to go

And upon my return

You hold the door

-Lily Rose

Penning (od)

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