Past or Future?

I think one of the biggest mistakes we make is to allow our past to affect or deter our future. Our past loves, relationships, experiences, jobs, careers, etc.

So often, we will have the present in our hand and we will mismanage it, not recognize it or simply mishandle it because we have not mastered the art of letting go.

Our future person, our future city, our future gig can be right before us and some, most will make the decision to remain with, who and where because of fear and the comfort of the familiar.

Our future is compromised or aborted all together because we did not have the courage to forge ahead and embrace wholeheartedly and fully what is before us.

Sometimes a reverence for past is needed and should be honored, however, never at the expense of our future.

The future is a living breathing entity that will assist in the actualization of the dreams and goals that are connected to it.

The past is connected to nothing but memories and memories are incapable of producing or birthing. The past will never and I mean never usher us into the place we should be.

Only the present can do that.

And memories should never be confused with present. When we stand over memories, we should appreciate the lessons of them remembering it is the equivalent of visiting a grave site. No one in their right mind digs a carcass out of the grave and take it home.

No one in their right mind continues to sleep with a dead body or dine with skeletal figures yet so many of us do so.

Holding on to careers that have proven to be unfruitful. Holding on to people that have proven to be unfruitful and holding on to friendships that have proven to be social connections as opposed to growth allegiances.

As we all are under some kind of stay at home order, let us forge ahead in truth and the courage to let go of the past, the dead in our lives.

Our future depends on it.

-Dana Lena’

Penning it All

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