Don’t Miss Out!

Last week, I launched my new podcast and it is developing quite a cult following amoung some very special people!

It can be heard on 6 platforms and growing!

Subscribers are enjoying a fresh and raw perspective and the shows where I talk about life, love and everything in between but MY personal stuff, seem to have the most views. People like messy. Lol

And at the request of my focus group, I modified the name. Everyone cannot handle my freedom, they said.

So, reluctantly; I followed the advice I asked for.


I am booking guests for the podcast as I type/speak so SUBSCRIBE so you won’t miss a beat.

And for my ex-lovers, their silly laden women and jealous stalkers go ahead and subscribe using that email you created to stalk my social media. I won’t know it’s you. 🙂

For the rest of the world, join me!

-Dana Lena’

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