Power of Persuasion

Anyone who has known me longer than 2 hours know how I feel about my space and how much I covet freedom and run from anything and anyone that may hint at restriction.

My BFF says I have commitment phobia. Whatever! But a woman has to sit with herself when a man asks her to listen to a song that he says defines who she is and who she is to him.

As I sat and listened to Chris Stapleton – Tennessee Whiskey for the first time and then over and over again, I could not help but pause.

I relished in the comparisons of being a type of savior while simataneously being sweeter than strawberry wine.


That’s pretty heavy.

I love, love. I love companionship.

I love taking care of Him, feeding his spirit, his soul and his belly.

I love making his heart flutter and whispering sweet notes in his ear. Helping him with what he needs me for.

Dazzling him with just my nakedness and the natural scent of my body.

I love the way he makes me feel. I like the way I look standing next to him, sometimes besides him, behind him, underneath him and often on top of him.

I like that I can depend on him.

I do.

I love love.

I just can’t do any kind of leash. Anything that defines me other than me.

I can’t give up my keys and I do not want his.

I am here, right now and that is better than what tomorrow may or may not bring.

Sip baby. Straight. No chaser.

Whiskey and Strawberry Wine.

-Dana Lena’

Penning My Woman

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