Lessons from Rona (C19)

A friend of mine referred to C19 as Rona yesterday as we sat on the front porch and I fell out laughing. Not that this is funny but because I swear brown people can find humor in anything.

We laughed until we were both crying and holding our stomachs. Laughter releases healing in the body and God knows we all need to laugh.

Today, I was looking at my children and thinking about how another 30 days of social distancing would affect them. My son is in his senior year of high school and his prom and graduation hangs in the balance.

We were supposed to be on the campus of his HBCU this weekend and then on the way home, I had planned to stop at a one of our favorite stables so Hannah could get some horse back riding in and away for Spring Break.

Those plans changed of course and we spent the weekend planting flowers, playing Uno, making videos and getting on each others nerves.

It looks like we will be redefining our normal as social distancing has been extended to April 30th and in order to stay sane, I am changing our perspective.

  • We are not stuck in the house, we are safe in the house.
  • We are not missing time from work, we are spending valuable time with our families.
  • We are not distant, we are simply adjusting the ways we communicate.

This outlook will be harder for those who have lost loved ones or who are battling sickness. I get it. I buried both of my parents…death is not easy but life does go on. It has to.

Language matters. Language shapes perspective. Perspective determines mood. Mood forms being and our BEing affects everything.

I am determined to come out of this experience closer to my children with a renewed appreciation for their presence… as I embrace hearing my named called at least 12, 198 times a day.

Rona has made it crystal clear that life is fragile and we should appreciate every bit of it. The good times and the bad.

This too shall pass.

Pinky Swear

-Dana Lena

Penning the Lessons

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