You Deserve First and Only

Do not be someone’s back up choice in a relationship.  The person they run back 2 when they couldnt make it work with who they really wanted.

Soul honor is being with the person who wants you and honors you all the time…not just when its convenient for them.

The person who rejects or rejected you at anytime is incapable of loving you from a whole and authentic place because the presence of rejection is in the relationship DNA. Rejection in a relationship is like oil in water.

I believe rejection produces selfishness and passive aggressiveness in people. It causes them to live in a space that they believe is safe for them with their abuser.

They adopt a “I am going to get all that I can get from them” mentality not understanding that they will never receive what they need because their partner doesn’t see value in them.

And both people are quietly starving to death with a plate full of food.

What’s on the plate is not healthy. It lacks the soul nutrition needed to thrive so the decision is made to merely survive making Actualization impossible.




We can sike ourselves into settling for that kind of existence but what really is disturbing is underneath that decision is the truth of believing that we do not deserve better.

If for any reason we cling and need who hurts us, our problems are much bigger than any individual.

Pain is familiar. Very familiar and familiar isn’t always good. It indeed is the lowest level of living.

-Dana Lena

Penning Thought Therapy

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