Blooming, Booming.

Your stats are booming! Penned! is getting lots of traffic.

I love to see this notification icon from Word Press! It is validating to know that there are people in the Universe that I touch. People who enjoy what I share, are challenged, encouraged, inspired and maybe even enraged by my Pen.

My life for the most part has always been an open book in some shape, form or fashion. There is something in me that requires that I share my space with you. Something that makes me get up in the middle of the night and write or record a random Video Vibration in the middle of the day.

I do not think more of myself than I should. I now get requests from people for interviews (the one I did for someone who was writing their dissertation was hilarious), to assist with criminal justice projects and even sex advice.

Lawd…the sex advice was just nasty.


I am not arrogant in this moment but humbled by the fact that people “rock” with me.

It is an honor to share this space with you. My heart, my home, my thoughts, my family, my temple.

Thank you for allowing me to speak to you and know that I listen much more than I speak…

I do not take it lightly.

-Much Love

Dana Lena’

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