Soul Freedom Remix: The Dance

Dance Like No One is Watching- Neitzche

My soul asked me as I was showering this morning, What’s your platform? What do you stand for and fight for Dana?

I ran through my mind, all of my projects and the salient theme is freedom.

My work on social media is about freedom, specifically for women and then brown people.

OWN is about freedom. Encouraging women to own homes while garnering real assets.

Every picture I post in whatever I am wearing or not wearing is about freedom.

Rock Your Naked pictorial is about freedom.

Hannah the Great Books are about Girl Wonder exploration and freedom.

The danceathons I have almost daily in my house is about my personal freedom and encouraging my daughter to be brazen and unapologetic while simultaneously teaching my son to be accepting and welcoming of extraordinary feminine energy.

The love I make and the places I allow myself to go is about freedom and those orgasms…OMG….always free.

This dance clip with my daughter truly is a testament of how I live.

Wearing what makes me comfortable, doing what I want to do and win with who I want to do it with and my “IDGAF beautiful energy.

I want to encourage you to do you on your terms. Whatever it is that sets your soul ablaze, have at it and do not give an iota of a thought to the critiques and assaults on your freedom.

Fuck em.

-Dana Lena’

Penning the Journey

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