Almost Dark: Poetic Flow

I’ve done the boss thing. Made some money

Done the home maker thing. Picked up groceries, cleaned the house and planted some roses

Done the mother thing. Spent quality time with my cubs. They are now doing their own thing

Now, I am ready to do my woman thang. Aroused just hit me out the blue. Maybe it has something to do with this Tequilla Rose and thoughts of you

Leaning back in my rocking chair on my front porch

Tempted to touch it but shit, its not quite dark

If I could type and close my eyes, I would have already had an orgasm or two

I don’t need my hands…just a clear vision of the tip of the juicy on the tip of your thunder

Doing that seductive pussy dance we do

Flights cancelled and delayed

Got me in the house on a Saturday cause I dont trust myself on the mic or the dance floor tonight

Girl got fine ass groupies but I am committed 2 U

Transcendental energy wont do it tonight baby

I need to rest all of me on all of you


-Lily Rose

Penning Some Salaciousness

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