Breaking News from Hannah A: C19 and School Closing

Most schools will be closed throughout the nation and this will be catastrophic for many families.

Some hourly wage parents with small children will not be able to go to work because of child care issues. If they leave their children, they risk neglect charges and if they do not report to work, they could lose their jobs.

If you are at home or have older children that can babysit a neighbors smaller kids, please consider making this a viable option.

Also, my district will still be preparing breakfast and lunch for kids on a “Grab n Go” basis. Parents can pull up and get the meals or walk to the front door. This was such a considerate thought but I do not know how many districts are doing it.

If you know a family is struggling, invite them over for a meal or drop off a brown bag. We cannot depend on our government to save us.

We must save ourselves and be OUR NEIGHBORS KEEPER.

God was on to something when we were instructed to “LOVE OUR NEIGHBORS AS OURSELVES”.

If only we listened more.

-Dana Lena

Penning Everything

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