Loving a Free Woman: Guest Writer Pens It

Let me introduce myself. My name is Real Man.

I am personally responsible. Fiscally responsible with assets and minimum liabilities. I don’t lie. I don’t cheat. I don’t steal and I do not owe anyone a damn thing and I was made to love you.

All the women that were before you will say the same thing if you happen to ask them about me.

I AM a stand up, do right dude and their kids love me. I did right by them irregardless of their intent towards me.

I work hard. I play harder.

I am a gentleman.

In my cave, in your bed and in the streets.

I honor my mother. I respect my father. I call on our ancestors and I trust the Divine.

With me, you will never be betrayed, afraid or broken. I dry and kiss tears. I do not cause them.

You do not owe me explanations. You do not report to me. I do not need to approve of your decisions.

I honor your freedom.

Your woman.

Your splendor.

You are a complete woman and I know if I ever betray you, I will lose you.

I am stronger because of your strength. Aroused by your voice. Erect upon your gaze. Ignited by your words. Calmed by your being.

You indeed are majestic. Closest to perfection as I have seen.

I won’t even try and convince you to stay because that will irritate you’re freedom and cause you to question my acceptance of you.

I know you have to wander but wander back to me soon because every moment we share I cherish.

I can’t make you my wife because you are a goddess and wife for you would be a downgrade but please stay with me for as long as you’re soul can.

And we both know why it never really worked out with any other woman…they were in the way of you.


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