Grown Woman Body

When J.Lo and Shakira did the half time show that I did not watch, I saw some of the photo’s come across my social media feed. People were marveling at how great JLo looks and her abs were all the rave.

J.Lo and Shakira look great, they do but I do not want those bodies.

I don’t.

I am not in competition with anyone especially my 16 year old self.

My body is full.

My behind is juicylicious.

My breasts are heavy. If I did not know better, I would swear I was nursing again. They feel full of milk.

There is some fat around my mid section. It should be. I am almost 48 years old. I have lived a good life. I birthed two big head kids. I enjoy food and I enjoy love making.

That love making spread…

The right kind of sex burns calories but that body manipulation does something I do not think science has fully explained.

I am soft. My skin is rich. I LIKE THE WAY BY BODY FEELS.

I do not want to feel bones. The bone look is not for me.

I walk. I yoga. I ride my bike. I do natural exercises. Things that I enjoy.

What I am NOT going to do, is be crunched over trying to get my 16 year old abs back.

For what?

I am 47.

I want all of my body parts to match.

I am healthy. I am active and I really like the way I look naked.

They can have the crunches, teas, laxatives, body shapers. Feel good comes from within. Not without.

Love who you are in the inside. Move your body. Be your kind of fit and healthy.

And stand in the mirror and take yourself in. Get J.LO out your damn head.

Your body is yours.

-Dana Lena’

Penning my Woman

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