The Most Amazing Thing

I will be 48 years old in a couple of months. I have clocked thousands of improvement hours. Professionally and personally.

Franklin Covey workshops are my professional favorite. That WHAT MATTERS MOST course I took over 20 years ago changed my life!

Spiritual Development workshops are my personal favorite. They have helped to perfect my whole woman, spirit, soul and body. Before therapy was cool, episodes of Dr. Phil and The Oprah Winfrey Show saved me.

But you know what I learned can be summed up simply:

  • Know who you are
  • Be true to who you are
  • Partner with people who will not muzzle you
  • Be content with not being in a relationship. Don’t tolerate bullshit for company
  • Fill your loves spaces up with LOVE, the real thing
  • Do not tolerate any kind of soul censorship even from you
  • The Right relationships don’t hurt. When you are in one, be in it.
  • Follow Purpose
  • Build your TRIBE!
  • Be self sufficient and OWN everything
  • Love Hard
  • Dance Slow
  • Kiss Sweetly
  • If you have children, give them the best of you every single day for as long as you live while developing their spirit and encouraging their natural gifts
  • Apologize and mean it by changing…permanently.

The most amazing thing is loving who you are and honoring who you while being good to those who are good to you.

Self first.

With lots of music, wine, friends, family and laughter!

Laugh alot.

It releases endorphins and is good for the soul!

Dana Lena’


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