A Hint of Erotica: Lay Me Down

Its the middle of the afternoon and all I can think about is you

So ready to escape to our favorite get away

I do not want to dine

I do not want any wine

Except my own

You lavishly share my nectar that you store in your cheeks

Lay me down

Spread my legs

And feast

I feel your strong hands

in the center of my arched back

The weight of your arms pressing me into what feels like a sunken mattress

But I am just drunk

Sunk in our lusty nasty love

Pull me up

Stand in front of me

Watch your head baby

Hold on to my hands

No, wait

I need my hands to hold on your cheeks

Anchor your feet in the center of the bed

Yes, to the high ceilings



My hair wrapped around your fists

At the back of my throat

Ease up Sweetness

Let me redirect the spray

I don’t swallow and I don’t want that all over my face

But as soon as you catch your breath


You wanted me raw and nasty

You got me

-Lily Rose

Penning the Nasty

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