The Secret to Relationship Happiness

I have figured it out! Pass the offering plate, cash app me a love offering and book a seat for the conference.

Just kidding.

The cost of admission is the time it takes to read this post.

The secret to relationship happiness is very simple.

So simple you are going to smack yourself and hi five me if we ever cross paths.

I mean, how has this escaped us for centuries? All this time we have been disappointed, upset, unfulfilled and disenchanted.

All of the movies we have seen, the books we have read and the lectures we have forced ourselves to listen to in an effort to figure this shit out.



The key to relationship happiness, joy, fulfillment and sheer bliss with lots of love making and orgasms is to align our soul, spirit and body with a soul, spirit and body that genuinely wants to give us what we need and who speaks in our love language.

Partner with a person who is interested in pleasing you and who makes your pleasure a priority without losing themselves in the process (thats stalker material).

The key is being in a reciprocal space with someone who responds to you effortlessly and you respond to them effortlessly. Like a beautiful dance.

Give, Give, Give, take. Give, Give, Give, take. Both sides. All the time.

We (human beings) are the only species that need a manual to just be.

It really isn’t hard, complicated or challenging to be good to someone is who is good to us and for us.

If you are straining with getting realistic needs and desires met from your partner…stop.

They are just not into you or too selfish to give of themselves.

Move on.


There is someone who wants to love you, will love you and needs to love you. They are just waiting to say “my pleasure, baby. What else can I do for you. What else do you desire of me”.

That is sexy.

Just typing that turned me on.

Get the “my pleasure” partner and get rid of the “why/21 questions” person.

Your happiness will thank you and that love making will have you running home at the end of the day.

Say their name.

-Dana Lena

Penning the Journey

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