Black Men: You Go First!

The super bowl football game is today and I wonder how many black men will be sitting in front of the idiot box, with a beer in one hand, a hot wang in the other and a dumb chic beside him.

I was officially done with the NFL a long time ago particularly for how it coddles and comforts the players who abuse their wives and domestic partners but their treatment of players who chose to kneel in protest of police brutality was enough to put them of permanent mute.

I do not care about the commercials.

I do not care about Shakira’s and J Lo’s half time performance (that has the attention of silly women). I care about my son being treated fairly if he is ever stopped by the police. I am even more concerned now because soon he will be on a college campus and he will have to drive through a few confederate zones to get from point A to point B.

So while Ms. Clueless is sitting next to Mr. Clueless admiring two fifty year old women shake their half of asses in front of a worldwide audience, I will be doing something that will make the world safer for brown and black boys.

According to the the 2018 US Census, there are 21 million black men in the United States. The Bureau of Justice Statistics released its new report on interactions between police and the public, using survey data from 2015. The report reminds us that police stops and use of force are already racially discriminatory.

There were marked racial differences in perceptions of police behavior and legitimacy of police stops. Less than half of Black and Hispanic residents stopped on the street by police thought the stop was legitimate, while two-thirds of white residents did. And 60% of Black residents who experienced the threat or use of force perceived the force as excessive, compared to 43% of white residents who experienced force.

It is not a matter of opinion that black people, men in particular are harassed, mistreated and abused by the police it is thoroughly documented and if the 21 million black men in this country do not have enough concern for their own beings to boycott and protest an organization that demeans them why should anyone else?

If they are too void of character, conviction and caliber to cut off at the knees an organization that has owners who treats their players like high priced, well dressed, well fed slaves why the hell should the rest of the world care?

If black men willfully remain so ignorant and allow their sons to risks concussions to play a game of run and fetch, they deserve whatever the hell they get.

Today’s black man is mostly all talk and tweet. Very few have the courage to stand for anything, even themselves. Most will capitulate in front of the television today. Sipping on a brew, inhaling high blood pressure with their sons nearby.

Watching Jay Z’s show as they are dazzled by latin ass popping. Refusing to stand/kneel for themselves.

Where in the hell are the Malcolm’s?

Its Sunday.

Maybe God will raise one from the dead.

I sure hope so.

-Dana Lena

Penning Awake

P.S. Black women are the Queens of rhythm. If I want to see a glorious ass shake, all I have to do is stand in the mirror, bend my back and spin my hips. That is more tantalizing and delightful than anything the two mentioned above will do.

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