A Woman Can Raise a Man

Beloved Son,

You are the love of my life

The second person I genuinely, whole heartedly loved after my father

It took a few days for me to decide whether or not I would love you

When I received the news I was pregnant

I wasn’t sure what I would do

I never wanted to be a mother until you

And you changed my life

Who knew all the Mozart and Bach I played for you in the womb

Would impact you

You are a now your own special brand of musician

Playing all that jazz

All that brass

When I divorced your father, he mocked me and said I wouldn’t be able to raise you

In his absence and ignorance

I have done better than raise you

With loving hands along the way

Coleman, Belle, Cheek, Jackson, Bentley

Helped me to help you

You are a solid student on your way to a HBCU

One of the best in the country

Never in a fight, never suspended from school

Much more than I can say for the boys I know who had “men” in their house

Drug free

Alcohol free

And still, thank God Girl Free

That soon will change, I Know I know

Please reserve your love son for someone who deserves you

Sowing wild oats is over rated and can be lonely

You are pretty special

They told me I could not raise a man

We have proved them wrong

I was convinced that I did not need to be a good man for this job

Or a good woman

I just needed to be a good human to raise a good human

Gender only serves a biological function for reproduction

Humans raise Humans

Just be a good human son

Loving, kind, generous,

Conscientious, responsible, productive

Moral and just

Hug when you need to hug

Fight when you need to fight

Take care of yourself and those less fortunate

Same lessons for you as your sister

You are amazing to her by the way

Always there when she needs you

For that, you are already mightier than many

Giving her what you did not have proves you didn’t have to have it to give it if you are willing

I am so very proud of you

Evan Fitzgerald

You are the beat of my heart, you will always be my baby

And I will always love you


And for all the young women who lay and wait

My son will never raise his voice or his hand to you

Or willingly, purposefully hurt you

But just know if you mistreat him or hurt him

You will answer to me and that is a check you do not want to cash

So if you are trifling

Keep if moving

Because this King is not the dude for you

“Nasty”, Evan the Producer

-Dana Lena’

“She/Her”, Evan the Producer

-Dana Lena’

Penning my Mommy

P.S. I would appreciate it you would change your last name. 🙂

Love you.


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