Dear African People

African Man

Who told you you were 3/5th human?

Barbaric and unseemly

Who told you that you were inferior and incapable of achieving?

Who told you were only good for Bucking

Procreating only to abandon your seed repeatedly

African Woman

Who told you were exotic and a worker of majic because healing is your hands and your skin glows in the daylight?

Who told you you were inferior and needed to be led?

Who told you that you needed to look a certain way and speak just above a whisper?

Who told you your only worth was in a bed, behind a stove and giving head?

Who told you that you need to submit to a man? A husband?

Who told you that bullshit?

Who told us that we are the descendants of a cursed raced therefore subjected to slavery and third class existence?

Who denied our greatness?

Who shaved down the noses of statues in an attempt to hide our mirror?

Who hid the history that we are great, the descendants of kings and queens with royalty in our genes?

African people…indeed the first people

Healers, architects, mathematicians and archaeologists

Scientists, priests, negotiators and fixers

Who alienated us from our God and our god energy in order to make us slaves and servants?

Who did that?

We ruled together in the spirit of cooperation with the supreme understanding that we needed each other

Who hid that from you? From me? From Us?

There were tribes of women warriors who ruled successfully before they were chained and forced to this shore

To be someone’s wench and whore

African Man- you are a ruler, submission is anti-thetical to your being

African Woman- You are a ruler, submission is anti-thetical to your being

The order for woman to submit to mortal man is designed to defy her god nature and cause her to second guess her being

The order for African man to submit to White man is orchestrated to defy his god nature and impress upon him that he is lost and in need of an European brand of savior

We were created to co exist



Individually and collectively

Any other declaration comes from the enemy of our soul and lying energy

-Dana Lena’

Penning my Awake

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