Appreciation & Acknowledgment

Yesterday, I posted on my Twitter platform of almost 15,000 that I had started a new venture. In the Kitchen with Dana, is me fiddling with a cooking show idea.

For years, I have wanted to do a cookbook and something centered around cooking and this year I decided would be the year.

I had several members of my Twitter family to jump on board and show support in unexpected ways. This morning, when I looked at all of the video postings over several mediums, they have garnered hundreds of views in less than 72 hours with personal notes of “we love it”.

This was a wonderful nudge…to keep going in this direction. God gives us nudges, winks and flickering lights that will assure us that we are headed down the right path.

People will let us know if there is a market, a need and desire for what it is that we are doing. That “know” will come in the form of acknowledgement, support and appreciation.

Some of us are pursuing paths out of a spirit of competition and it shows. It is not our gift set or place; yet we are hell bent on doing it because Susy Q is doing it and we are failing and that shows.

Bad plan.

What we are called to do is effortless and people will get on board effortlessly and it will all come so naturally.

-Dana Lena’

Penning the Journey

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