Hybrid Fruit: The Death of Spirit and Body

seed is the small, hard part of a plant from which a new plant grow. Seeds are created by authentic life source and seeds reproduce with LIGHT and WATER.

In the agricultural world, seedless fruit is a rave mainly because people are to lazy to remove seeds prior to digesting OR just to lazy to spit them out. How ridiculous is that? Ridiculousness indeed.

But something more cynical is at play here. Hybrid food is dangerous simply because it is not food that has grown from the earth as food should, but something that is a manifestation of mans manipulation.

Seeds reproduce and reproduce plentifully. We should be careful about what we eat and where it comes from. Naturally and Spiritually.

Ooohhh. Let’s deal with spiritually and the people we are connected to.

Are we dealing with hybrid humans or seed humans? Hybrid humans manipulate to manufacture something. They are not connected to Breath, authentic life source. They need something to imitate, emulate.

This is why they are not growing. This is why what they manufacture in the lab really never goes beyond the lab. It has the appearance of apples, and grapes, and avocado. It even tastes like apples, grapes and avocado’s but there are no seeds inside. No life. No creative energy. No reproduction. No growth. Barren fruit on the table and they just keep fanning the flies away. We will be full in the moment but hungry, void and empty shortly thereafter.

But seed people. Awww. They are remarkable. They produce. Their being is a green thumb. Everything they touch grows, produces and reproduces. They are hard though. Go back to the definition of seed, a hard part of…

Seed people will be challenging. Nothing about them and the process will be easy but the sweetness of their fruit, priceless. Hard yes, but with water, light and love what they will produce in our lives…worth every second of it.

There will always be hybrids among us but people normally do not have “seedless” labels on their heads. Discernment will require that you look at the results of their lives and the seedless evidence will be there.

Don’t fall for the fake fruit. Go for the real thing. The real fruit is sweeter, healthier and simply more delightful. Do not fret those seed people….you need them to grow and produce a harvest.

Again and again.

And when your soul is ready for life work, they will teach you the principles of seed time and harvest.

-Dana Lena

Penning the Journey


  1. Whew, you are speaking my language…I write a post about lab grown food as well. I echo your sentiments exactly. Imagine being too lazy to spit seeds out, part of the enjoyment.
    Hybrid humans manipulate to manufacture something. They are not connected to Breath, authentic life source. They need something to imitate. …….. i agree with you 100%


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