No Distance in the Spirit

No distance in the Spirit is a spiritual law. It is evident in the scriptures throughout the text. I have normally experienced it in my relationship with Holy Omniscient God. Not being restricted to time and space. Ever present.

Recently, however; I have experienced it with Love. Both, Eros and Agape.

This is a Eros moment.

I was alone and I smelled your scent. I closed my eyes and I could feel you breathing on the back of my neck. I sat in the seat of my self and took you in. I miss you so.

I count the moments until I am in your arms again.

I feel you. I hear you. I taste you.

I can feel one hand around my waste, pulling me into you as you you use your other to lift my hair as you kiss sweetly the back of my neck.

Whispering my name.

You miss me too.

The absence of your physical being affects me. I do not laugh as often, I do not dance as often. I sleep a little later. I go to bed a little earlier.

Missing…is normally something I do not do. But I realize in this moment, Love has a Blues.

I am use to navigating alone.

But tonight, it is heavy on me and I do not want to.

I miss you.

I want you.

I need you.

Come to me.


-Dana Lena’

Penning my Woman

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