Messages from Mom: What Does She Look Like?


What does the woman suitable for you look like?

More than One

I use to believe the Hollywood tale that we had a soul mate, that there was only one mate for us and if we missed that opportunity or dismissed that opportunity we would be not reap our full love life.

After 47 years of living, I know for sure that this is categorically false.

8 Billion

There are 8 billion people in the world and unsurprisingly, there is almost an equal amount of men and women so there is NOT a man/woman shortage.

There are many women who will come across your path and these letters are to assist you in sharpening your discernment skills to assist you in determining who is suitable for you.

The first thing you must master is yourself. You are to use your youth (18-35) to develop your personage and explore your multi-dimensional being. Use this time to educate yourself, travel and see the world. Visit as many countries as you can. Broaden your palette, expand your interests and become a more complete person.

As you evolve, you will have dating relationships that will serve very unique purposes. Be open to the lessons and do not make anyone any promises and do not have any children. Having children with someone is a promise at the very least to co-parent with them. Do not start your life being a covenant breaker. God will not favor you if you do.

Too many people have made the mistake (myself included) of partnering with someone too early in life…only to realize that they are not really suitable and force themselves to settle for and with a lesser love…especially if children are involved. Do not do that to yourself. Do not do that to a woman/women and do not do that to any children. God will not favor you if you do.

The greatest curse on a man’s life is the one he reaps for abandonment. Son, please do not do that to yourself. You will never and I mean never be truly happy and fulfilled.

Take your time and use every day to fall in love with Evan. Develop Evan. Do not become anyone’s man before you are a complete being.

You are your greatest commodity. Once you are fully formed and mature, the woman that is to become your partner will compliment everything about you. She will probably love music and may even be a musician.

She will complement your person. She will challenge you to be better and she will not allow you to be anything other than your absolute best. She will be self sufficient and have the skill set to combine both of your assets and create expansion. She will have everything you lack and you will have everything she lacks and together what is crooked will be made straight.

Whole women grow, multiply, increase whatever you give them.

She makes houses-homes, groceries- meals, seeds-life, assets-fortunes.

This woman is iron. She will sharpen you. She will speak life and she will cut off what is dead. She is wisdom.

She will challenge you in every way imaginable. Do not resist the good she is to manifest in your life. Do not ego trip. Do not do the “I am the man” thing. Just live the “I am a human” thing and allow yourself to continue to evolve and become your absolute best self. She is there to assist you in this as you are to assist her.

Never, ever try to tell her who she is to be. Whole women already are.

Never allow her to tell you who you should be. Whole men already are.

The goal of your love-ship is to share your lives with each other with neither one of you dictating anything to the other. Providing the support you both need to become more of your self.

Actualization is an ongoing process.

This woman will be good to and for your soul. Her influence will produce undeniable results. You will beam.

Love her, treasure her, honor her and all will be well. All will be well. If you do not, you will certainly lose her. She is not a door mat to be tread upon. She is a doorway, opening up realms you never new existed.

Every woman is not this woman. You will know her when you see her.


-Dana Lena’

Penning My Motherhood

PS. I have one request. No matter where you are in the world, please video chat with your mother. I have to see your face and hear your voice everyday, otherwise I do not sleep well. That is never going to change…whether you are 2 or 202.

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