Messages from Mom

Dear Son,

I have had the pleasure of watching you grow and mature into a beautiful young man. Over the last month, I have been overjoyed watching you perform and come more into yourself. This last performance was something spectacular.

As I was screaming your name and cheering for you, I could not help but notice and hear all the other screams for you and I saw a very clear vision of how your life will be as a musician and the groupies that come with a muscians life.


My mind flashbacked to all of those Unsung episodes I have taken in over the years and those horrid BET movies that have depicted Muscians Gone Wrong. I sat there with tears in my heart and a full heart.

Thankful to God for the gifts you have been given and the raw very elite gift (perfect pitch) the Creator has bestowed upon you, and I said the prayer I have been saying since I laid eyes on you. “Lord, keep my baby safe. Protect him, guide him, guard him, favor him, love him, teach him”.

Protect him from the purpose thief. Protect him from drugs and perversity. Protect him from alcoholism and character vices. Protect my son, Your son”.

As this specific little girl kept screaming whenever you moved, “protect him from leech” came to mind.

Knowledge is power my beloved son, so I am going to take some time and identify a specific kind of woman that I want you to be keenly aware of and to be expecting. When she shows up, I want you to recognize her and avoid her for she is undeserving of you.


This woman will initially need you to provide her with something. It may be a monetary need, an emotional need or both but her glaring insufficiency will be hard to miss. She will need to use you to come up and this kind of woman is dangerous because she is selfish. She will never reciprocate what you give to her and if she does it will only be for a short lived season. She will drain you of your creativity and put impossible demands on your time and personage. It is her desire to keep you so busy and consumed with mindless meaningless tasks, you will not have the energy or desire to be who you are or to pursue who you are to become.

What I also want you to know about her is that she will need external motivation or competition to pretend to love you. You will get her best when the threat of another woman or interest is present. This woman will desperately need competition to be a version of her best self, without it; she will underperform as your partner and you will suffer as a result.

You will also get a version of her best when she has done something egregious that you do not know anything about but she will be making attempts to soothe her guilt.



Her genuine lack of interest in you will be manifested in how she treats you when no one is watching. How she responds to all the facets of your being. What is her posture towards you when you are up and when you are down. How she responds to your purpose.

You are always tapping, humming, singing and creating. If she is irritated with any part of that, she is not the woman for you.


What you can never, and I mean never forget is that this woman’s purpose in your life is to ensure that you never reach your full potential and that means partnering with the woman who is naturally designed to assist you in reaching your potential. As a result of this insidious purpose, she will never leave you.

She will not have boundaries. She will allow you to be disrespectful, dismissive and dishonoring. She will allow you to mistreat her in irreparable and unimaginable ways because her allegiance is not to herself, she has no idea who she is.

Her allegiance is to her mission which is to ensure you never fully actualize. Any woman who is good for you will first be good for herself. This woman will have boundaries that she enforces and she will indeed leave you quickly if you ever violate her being.

Heed, Son.

Your future self will thank you if you do. There are two types of women waiting for you. The Blessing and the Curse. Choose wisely.

Love you, forever and always,

-Dana Lena’

Penning My Motherhood.

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