Girl Space #2

Keeping our daughters safe is a position I am always advocating and one that I live. I chose not to co-habitat and this means my man can never spend the night in our home.

As I have previously stated, we (women) have the explicit and expressed duty of keeping our girls safe…even when that means our need for companionship has to be inconvenienced. I would hope that most women would be able to sense “pervert alert” and avoid men who would be capable of such an atrocity but we can never be too careful.

For me, it is not only about keeping my daughter safe, but it is also about maintaining an environment in which she does not have to censor or cover her being.

Watching this beautiful young girl grow and blossom independent of any foreign energy is delightful. Watching her come into awareness and acceptance about who she is and what she looks like without being censored due to male presence is refreshing.

The man who has become her father is preparing for our visit in his home (hometown) and stay in a hotel. He realizes how important it is for her to remain comfortable at all times in her intimate space and he does not desire to ever encroach upon it.

We joke about the sleepovers we will have when she leaves for college. I often wake up in the middle of the night to find her sleeping on the sofa in my bedroom or at the foot of my bed. I am her safe place and she should be able to access me when she feels that she needs to.

In the featured photo she was 6 months old and now she is 11. Time is flying and I have less and less of it as she grows older. This formation time in her life is a special time. Soon, she will be off doing her own thing, but for now; she is home safe with me as it should be.

-Dana Lena’

Penning my Mommy

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