Sweet Memories

I saw a Facebook question today which was “If a man asks a woman home that he meets at the club, shouldn’t she assume he wants to have sex?”

At first glance, I rolled my eyes because the questions and commentary on Facebook are some of the dumbest ever but I decided to oblige and ponder the question and a memory surfaced that I had forgotten.

I was 22. Met a man at a local Jazz Spot. Sixth Street Down Under.

We were having a ball. Didn’t want the night to end. So we went to Denny’s. Then my place (safer and I knew where are the knives were) and we talked and fell asleep on the living room floor looking in each others faces. He never touched me besides playing with my hands and making circles on my face with the tip of his index finger.

He was the sweetest thing.

I did give him some a few days later. Something about him staring in my eyes and playing with my hands was deeply sensual. It was as if he knew something about me that I did not know.

His name was John….

He was tall and handsome and smelled really good. I wonder how he is doing? I had forgotten all about him.

It is amazing how our memories are stored in a database and we can recall them so vividly in a moment. The mind is really amazing. As I sit and recall, I can taste his cologne on the tip of my tongue.

We normally remember without any effort the not so great things we have experienced. This was a sweet reminder to me that I have had some really sweet times with some wonderful people.

I need to remember more and honor those experiences.

…and the answer to the silly Facebook question is hell no.

-Dana Lena’

Penning my Woman

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