Friday Reflection

In today’s world, people are making up identities, profiles and lives

They can copy and paste resumes from accomplished individuals

They can sneak into virtual data bases and skim a colleagues notes and ideas and pass them off as their own

They can peer into their lovers text messages and emails and read about what turns them on and pretend to be that

They can order food from Grub hub, hide the boxes and pretend they cooked it

People are masquerading in political arenas pretending to stand for values that they do not stand for in their personal lives

Men are declaring to be loving fathers and have children that they do not know

Women are pretending to be faithful wives but have had just as many affairs as the husbands they guilt trip

Women are putting children out of homes in the name of love

Men are asking them to in the name of love

Stupidity is agreeing in the middle

Families have members that are lost and are making no effort to find them; yet they claim family is important

Children are not honoring their parents and forget the woman who bore them could have made a different choice

Financial advisers are broke

Health experts are fat

Relationship guru’s are on third, fourth and fifth partners with 2 possibles on stand by

Preachers are peddling a false gospel

Priests are raping and molesting children and so godless require men of lesser evil to confess and bow to them

People are renting houses they pretend to own insisting on living in zip codes that they cannot afford

Driving cars that beep when the payments are past due at a 30% interest rate

Speaking to empty rooms and writing to non existent audiences

What a tangle web of lies and deceit going on in the American head that is producing the American lie and its dream

People who live in the light see through the shaninigans and will continue to produce

Produce life, truth, transparency and results

Light bearers will continue to leave their mark and be effective change agents

Resist the bullshit today

Be real, be honest, be sincere and be accountable but more importantly; be genuine

Only the brave can do what needs to be done

Work hard, pay bills, raise their children, honor their partners

Take care of our elders, neighbors and give generously

Kiss slowly, love easy

Speak the truth in season and out

Show up, be consistent, unwavering

Cowards run

The warriors stand

-Dana Lena’


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