Fresh Manna

Manna is the substance miraculously provided by God to the Israelite’s when they were escaping the bondage of Egypt. The wondrous thing about it was that if fell from heaven every single day.

In my life, manna manifests in many forms. It comes as a fresh idea, new information, some truth one of my children have uttered. It may come from the lips of my lover or the back of a Dove chocolate wrapper.


What I appreciate is that is new wisdom, information, knowledge, or inspiration supplied every single day. I also liken my writings, ponders, rants, revelations and poetic moments to living water.

I received a call to perform at a poetry event and they requested that I do a piece that they heard me do at another spot and I do not do that.

Every single time I take the mic it is because I have something new to share. If folks want a rewind, they can come here and read what has been documented and saved or buy one of my books.

I am enticed by something that happens in real time and I find myself digging in my purse for pen and paper. I am seduced in my dreams by my thoughts and I wake searching for pen and paper.

I have gotten out of the shower to record something I heard in my spirit while standing under the water.

Being connected to authentic life sources produces authenticity. I am a lot at times I know… but thank you for chilling with me and allowing me to share my manna with you.

Its not as pure as what God dropped down from the heavens but it is my truth, lived out loud shared in real time for real reasons.

-Dana Lena’

Penning the Experiences

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