Words In Red and Puzzle Pieces

My journey over the last 12 months have been amazingly interesting. I have had two significant occurrences. I have come into a deeper understanding of who I am and who I am created to be. This insight has afforded me crystal clear vision and application. It has clarified and magnified the guidance and direction I need in so many areas in my life. I make all decisions through my revelation and it has benefited me in ways that I cannot measure.

I also have had a spiritual ephinany if you will. Someone asked me if I still believed in Christianity and I said I never believed in Christianity but all of my chips are still on Jesus. I am forever a Jesus Girl.

My studies have unearthed some truths that I am still sitting with and my lifelong examination of the Holy Bible continues. I am able to separate the words of man from the words of God and let me tell you people…THAT IS HUGE!

What God says or has said about a situation sits so well with my soul and what the Creator did not say does not. Whenever I find myself wrestling with a text, I ask myself is this something God said or some shit man has said…and it is always the latter.

I am God’s child. Created in the Creators image and likeness. God is feminine and masculine energy…you have to have both to create anything. I have reached a solid conclusion as to why the text was manipulated to overwhelming speak in the masculine.

Lord, I am so clear. So at peace. I am finally putting the pieces together. My search for the truth will never stop even if it leads me to places that make me uncomfortable and challenge what I thought I knew.

What I know for sure, the absolute truth is nothing to fear if you are committed to living in the light, those words in red are life changing! Powerful. Liberating and full of love.

-Dana Lena

Penning my Journey

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