Big Girls and their Daddy’s

Recently, I met a very odd couple at a listening party in Atlanta. I normally do not do the listening party music scene, but had to because I was working.

Here comes the introduction to Peaches and Daddy.

Peaches was a 21 year old beautiful young girl-woman who should have been on a college campus somewhere. Instead she was sitting in the lap of a 63 year old man who she affectionately called Daddy.

Being a Daddy’s girl, the title just hit my ear and spirit all wrong. This girl-woman, was bouncing, and clapping, and twerking and I did not know whether to throw a blanket over her or stand in front of her.

Now, I am all for a grown woman giving her grown man whatever she desires to give him, whenever she desires to give it. What I am not for is the exploitation of vulnerable girl-women, barely old enough to order a glass of wine sitting on the laps of men old enough to be their damn fathers.

First of all, I already know he has issues because he is old but not fully formed. Responsible men want equal partners. They want grown, mature, responsible women who will assist them in accomplishing something as he assists her in accomplishing something. They want women who have something not who are in need of something. They want to add value to her not raise her.

This man bragged that when he saw her coming down the pole three years ago, he said “she is mine. I am taking her out of here”. Any decent man would have told her, “Little girl, get your little ass out of here and find your way to an education and self sufficiency”. But predators don’t do that. They look for the weak, the vulnerable and the pitiful to exploit.

You know those R. Kelly, Epstein type of fuckers.

I was so disgusted by him, my friend kept saying, Dana you’re face. You’re face. Finally, Daddy asked me why was I looking at him like he had the plague. I told him if he didn’t know, he didn’t know.

My friend kindly ushered me to the other side of the room.

My Subtle Rescue Effort

I always have pen and paper so I wrote Peaches a note and put it in the palm of her hand and asked her to meet me in the bathroom in a few minutes. I told her that she was absolutely stunning and that her mind was brilliant. She was single without any children and the world was full of amazing opportunity. I asked her to consider going back to school and to spend some time with herself, discovering her passion and purpose.

I just hugged her. I could feel the pain in her chest as our bosoms touched. ” Be strong Baby Girl, Be strong”. She was holding back tears because she did not want to mess up her makeup and cry off her eyelashes.

The pain in her eyes told me she did not enjoy being molested but she was doing what she knew to do. I wished her well and as I excited the spot, Daddy asked me to bring it in. Wanted a hug.

Nicca please.

His conscious was bothering him because some light in the place had exposed the darkness in his tainted ass spirit. I would not give him the satisfaction of my peace, my blessing.

Instead I wished silently that they next time his old ass was on top of Peaches or underneath her, he would have a heart attack and die on the spot. I do not wish him well. I wish him every bit of the pain he inflicts on the young women he is supposed to protect.

I wish him every bit of the living hell he inflicts on her by reducing her to his spirit slave. Any man who believes another being belongs to him is sicker than any diagnosis and meds can cure.

The little bit of independence and confidence she had at 18 coming down that pole, he robbed her of. She is worse off with him and because of him. I pray to God she realizes and saves herself.

Only she can.

-Dana Lena’

Penning my Rage

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