A Touch of Bad Girl

Running in the same poetry circles

Swirling around each other like hot ocean water on a hotter day waiting to become a Tsunami

You got a girl

I got a dude

But this chemistry

Mad Sexy cool

You followed me to my favorite Reggae spot

Eager and anxious to see my moves

I did not disappoint

You joined me on the floor when the DJ decided to give us some Usher Baby

Love in the club

I had to remind myself that we are in a world of Instagram and that I have a teen son

Or else I would have given you what you are begging me for

Somewhere between the sweat dripping from my hair and your hands on my thighs and the jello shots

We crossed the line

When you whispered in my ear your place

I almost said yes

But remembered my good man hundreds of miles away

And decided to decline

Called my baby at 4am with my early morning confessional

Hoping he would not be mad at me

He appreciated my honesty

We are both honest and free and live in the light

He simply said that he was glad I was on my way home

And I proceeded to give him a little bit of what you wanted…over the phone

Best phone sex ever

He wanted me to tell you thank you

And the next time he is in the A he will pay you’re set a visit

Nothing to fret tho

He just wants you to see him piss on a tree

-Lily Rose

Penning my Bad Girl

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