Hannah Writes: Dear Mr. President

Hello Mr President,

My name is Hannah Perry, I live in Georgia and I am a Middle
School student writing to you regarding my concerns about the
continuing deforestation in Brazil.

I know you are thinking ‘’Why is a non-Brazilian so worried about the Amazon Rain forest.’’ Well, Mr President, I will tell you why. You’re ‘’Deforestation’’ is ruining the Amazon and one day that ruin will reach us in the United States.

You are the President which means you have a whole lot of power and I am pretty sure you can pull out some of your ‘’superman skills’’ and help save the Amazon and I think you know what I mean so i’m not going to waste no time explaining it to you. Moving on, I want to live and I’m sure you want to live too, after all you have 7 more years to serve, so yeah you are going to want to stay alive for that. And have you forgotten that the Amazon Rain forest produces 1⁄3 of the worlds oxygen and it’s hard to live without oxygen which is exactly what your taking away when you have men cut down trees. It’s outrageous I tell you!

Do you realize how many animals homes you are taking and
plants that have cures and medicines in them you destroy? You are allowing possible cures for stuff to be destroyed. I think you are a lousy President if you just sit back in your comfy black chair and watch the Amazon get destroyed. So Mr President the next time you send man out to hurt the Amazon remember that this is going to come back as a real
bad situation.

We are connected to everything and when the beautiful Amazon is gone and all the beautiful things that once filled it, you will regret these stupid decisions. I suggest you pass and enforce laws that actually help the Amazon and not just your economy.

Thank you

Hannah A. Perry

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