Sit and Sip Reflection: When a Man Shows Up

As I sit in this beautiful place and sip my coffee, I am in awe. The view is breathtaking. Nature is calling and the kids are still sleeping. For the last few hours, I have been able to enjoy the beauty of nature and reflect.

What is spectacular about this very moment is I AM present. I am present in every single area of my life and I am grateful. My children are soaring, they are happy, secure and solid.

What I am particularly grateful for is my daughter. She started middle school this year and like my son was accepted into an award winning performance arts school where she stood out and above her competition.

I remember last year when she auditioned, she was so nervous and we assured her she would do exceptionally well and not to worry. I remember her face to this day. She came out of the audition room BEAMING. The judges loved her. She nailed it…just like we told her she would.

A few days ago, I was invited to discuss her performance future and I was thinking, my God this child is only 11 but her talent is undeniable. It became crystal clear to me when I saw her really dance freely for the first time on a trip to Myrtle Beach (when she kept winning the dance contests) and this summer as I watched her on the set on her first cast cable television show (can’t wait to share that tidbit but the show is still in production) that she was talented.

Hannah has had some disappointments very early in her life that I have done my very best to soften for her but they were disappointments nevertheless.

I have taught her how to handle them with grit and grace, determination and dedication to self and this girl is rock solid. I am so very thankful for her god-dad who came into her life at the right time. Of course, he started out as my interest, but quickly they developed a bond that I admired.

In the beginning, he was dating the both of us. He would send me a gift and send her a gift. Send me flowers, send her flowers. Bought me a piece of jewelry and cash apped her money. I use to joke he had 2 girlfriends.

Watching this man love her has made me respect him the more. They have their own unique relationship that is separate and apart from me and I will forever honor him because of it. He has made it clear, it will take 10 protection orders, and an army to keep him out of her life and being a bonafide lawyer and all, I really do not want to fight with him.

That would be an interesting hearing tho. The non biological father fighting for visitation rights for a god child….but he has made it clear, “Dana, don’t go there with me” and I wouldn’t. He has proven himself.

LOL (anywho)

Regardless of what occurs between us, this man shows up for her.

I will not be his wife because I am not interested in being anyone’s wife but my daughter has a father and that has absolutely nothing to do with me. This man has taught me, us; what a real dude looks like and for that, he will always get my standing ovation.

Fathers produce children from their heart…not their loins.

I applaud the man he is too her and for her. I know that he has her back and that is more than any mother could ever want. God answered her prayers and I could not be more grateful…

-Penning my Reflections

Dana Lena’

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