Almost Erotica: Put me 2 Sleep

Long day

I need you to rub my body in the way that only you can

Easy every tension and alleviate all pressures and stress

With the mere touch of your hand

I need you

To talk to me

Whisper to me

Fill me up with your sweet words and tenderness

Not in a giving mood tonight

I need you to take care of me

I do not have the energy to swing baby

Just lay me here

And feast

With your head buried between my thighs

The tot dancing… serenading the oceans pearl

I have some waves to release

Please empty me

Exhaust me

So I can kiss my juices off the tip of your tongue

And see myself in your eyes

Lay with me

Listen to my heartbeat

Put me to sleep

-Penning a Little Bit of Nasty

Lily Rose

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