A Girl’s Freedom

You came in the living room completely naked after getting out of the shower

And you sat in the middle of the floor and proceeded to watch television

For a moment I wondered if your 11 year old little self knew you were naked because you were so comfortable and appeared to be oblivious to me sitting there

You turned around and smiled at me making sure I knew that you knew

As I sat looking at the back of your head

With your curly locks falling down the back of your neck

I began to smile and clap my hands invisibly

You are unencumbered

Without a care in the world

I enjoyed watching your moment

I have spent your entire life loving you

Before you were even born, I was actively loving you

Writing and reading to you in my womb

Dancing with you

Praying for you

Setting the atmosphere for you

Having a girl child posed a set of concerns that I did not particularly have with your brother, at least not to the same degree

I watched your every move, listened to every word spoken to you and guarded your soul and spirit because I am charged with protecting

Your great wealth and worth

Everyone who encounters you declares something majestic about you

And you are

I never wanted you to be censored by male energy in our home

One of the many reasons I have opted not to share my bed space daily

No sharing of a name on a mailbox or drinking out of the same milk carton

No closed doors or Mommy is busy signs on the door

My man cannot live with you

Therefore, he cannot live with me

I gladly go where he is

Wherever that may be in the world on any given day

And as a result, the honeymoon if you will, never ends

We have our time with him, you have your time with him and he has his time with him

At his address and that works for me

Because it works for you

My precious child

Do not ever worry that your sacred space will be encroached upon by male energy

Never worry about having to cover up or be any less of the girl wonder you are  because Mommy‚Äôs man is around

Hannah be free

Dance, and sing, and play and twirl

Have no concerns

Go ahead, sit naked in the middle of the living floor

You are home baby

I do have one request tho

When you get boobs and booty, your brother will be away at school but when he comes home, please give him some consideration

He lives here too

And I am sure he doesn’t want to see his little sister walking through the house naked but if you chose to and it creeps him out,

He can chose to close his eyes or go to the basement

Loving you beyond forever,

You don’t need my permission to be free

But I want you to know you have my full support

Go ahead



Penning my Parenting


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