Almost Erotica: Poetic Edition 2

Our distance has many advantages and I would not change a thing

But right now, my body is screaming

I know you can hear me

Miles don’t keep you from feeling me

And lions are circling

Sensing a lioness is in need of something

But I looked into your eyes and told you I would keep it on ice for you

When I get out the car a line forms

With the baby please and sweet pleas for an opportunity to do what it is you do

I bounce away with an ass that bounces in step

Leaving my sweet scent and their wishing upon a star behind me

Whispering to myself

Girl, you said…so keep it moving

So maybe I will put my finger on it and close my eyes and imagine you

I can get it done in about 120 seconds but “that” is going to make me mad as hell

I have been high before

Shit, at times I have lived high

But this this right here is a spiritual ecstasy and nothing compares

You often wonder how I am still standing

Talking my brand of shit as soon as my feet hit the floor

As spectacular as you are baby, I have been in the presence of God

So no mater what you do, what we do

I will always have find my legs

Well, wait a minute

Once I make it back to this realm

and come back into my natural being

And I know where I am again

Then I can feel my legs and move

Still able to walk away from you if you get amnesia and shit

And forget what the fruck you are supposed to do

Do with me

In the bed and in the streets



Untamable wild mouthy chic

Who you absolutely adore

Baby, I am calling you

Some of this we can get done over the phone

Make sure no one else is in the room

Cause ain’t nothing quiet about me

-Lily Rose

Just a little bit of nasty!

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