Taken to Task: A Free Woman’s Freedom

I recently had to take a very simple and misinformed man to task about the real meaning of freedom and how I translate it into every crevice of my being.

To understand what we are talking about here, we have to define the ROOT word of the conversation.

Free is defined as the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

The fact that so many men are in favor of political freedom but not personal, interpersonal freedom is baffling. I will use this scenario as the basis of my position.

A married woman who is CEO of a corporation employing hundreds or thousands of people, more often than not; is not free to decide to take a solo trip to Spain or buy an acre of land without obtaining the expressed consent of her husband. Husbands more often than not, have to make sure “his” woman’s thoughts are clear and decisions are sound (comical) when they do the majority of the fucking up (brainwashing 101).

That my friend is not freedom. Refer back to meaning.

That is control.

I do not care what justification we give for women being enslaved to men in some form or fashion, freedom means what it means and because of the way legal marriage is practiced in this country, I will not marry anyone else again neither will I ever relinquish ownership of my primary residence.

Property Rights are intrically tied to personage rights.

So this male dimwit concluded that I am alone because I am unmarried. Boy, as soon as I get out of my car a line forms.

I had to inform him just for the sake of ball crushing, that I am not alone. Far from it. I have a relationship with a man who I enjoy that thankfully lives far enough that a flight is needed to see me, I am degreed, beyond employed (I employ others) and I have more orgasms in a single love making sessions than most married women have in 6 months.

This man does not cheat, has never cheated and has no interest in doing so. How do I know this?

His History.

His history and how he lived his life before he met me tells me everything I need to know as well as a strong evaluation of his financial affairs and how he has managed his relationships with the women of his past.

Cool and respectful chics. I like them. ALL of them.

The stats are also in my favor.

Single professional women are happier. Live longer. Have satisfying sex and are more likely to travel abroad. Single women are the leading demographic in home ownership and our growing movement of progressive politics.

I always chuckle when men say marriage is financial security. Tell that to all the women who divorced and had to build because when the ink on the divorce decree dried, all they had was a bird seed amount of child support if they have kids ($700 or less). No assets. No land. No houses. Just years of a smiling, bearing it and a wet ass.

And to the “marriage is bliss” thought I say, that is another mans lie. Over 80% of married people are having or had affairs and spend every day of their lives making up for what they did or what they want to do.

Ya’ll can have that brand of happiness.

I will continue to rock my Free Woman existence. I do what I want to do. I go where I want to go. I say what I want to say and I buy what I want to buy. My daughter will always have a home she can come home to and I do not have to explain anything to anyone.

Oh, and for those orgasm free nights…I only have them when I want to and that ain’t very often.

-Dana Lena’


A free woman’s journey.

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