New Name New Vision

The journey of a writer is an exhilarating one. I have been writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil and writing is not only apart of who I am, it is what I am.

I Am the written word.

A living, walking epistle. A letter, a scroll that is speaking and being revised. I am not hard concrete, but a soul likened to a soft beautiful piece of paper whose messages and declarations continue to evolve as I continue to evolve.

Penned is now the written expression of my souls work. My conflicts, contradictions, revelations and lessons. I pick up my pen first for myself…and then for others. Hoping that something I share resonates, empowers, consoles and maybe even change.

Thank you for joining me and opening up your soul space to my whispers and screams, my rage and my release. It is here, I will share my path, thoughts, visions and ideas with brazen boldness and unapologetic candor and I hope you share yours.

Freedom is the goal.

Absolute freedom and absolutely nothing less.

Much more to come. Stay with me.

Dana Lena’

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