Messages from Mom: Dear Son

Messages from Mom is a new edition to this platform. I have decided to share in this forum messages, wisdom, knowledge and lessons that I share with my son and hopefully other sons will benefit from them.

My daughter and I journal back and forth and she has a whole line of girl power books that I designed to serve as a part of her wonderful foundation. I think at times, my son may feel left out of the all the “girl power” wonder energy that fills our home and beings. Although he appreciates the beauty, sometimes I feel him feeling “but what about me?”

He asked me a few years ago, to create a line of books for boys and I told him that I would love to but it has to come organically, naturally. I can’t force messages and I have never been a boy so I cannot write from that perspective.

However; I am a mother who loves her son beyond measure and I want the absolute best for him. I have spent an incredible amount of time pouring into my son, supporting him and holding up his arms. I have written him notes and letters and just the other day, I saw a note I wrote to him years ago in his wallet. He listens. He has reminders of how much I adore him and how important he is to the world all around him but I want to do something more official.

So here you go Evan. This is the beginning of a new thing for us. I hope you will take to heart the things I share here with you. You may not always agree, and you may not always see things from my perspective but hopefully, prayerfully as you “sit” with what I share, your understanding is enlightened and you value the 47 years of life experience I have in a meaningful way.

I will never tell you anything that is not for your good although the scroll may choke you going down. Know that I love you with everything that I have and all that I am. You were the very first person who taught me how to love unselfishly…so that means you were the first to teach me to love.

You are half of my heart, without you I would not be me. I am hard on you. I know. It is not because I want to be out of pleasure. I am because life is hard and it does not accept apologies or excuses with kindness. You will encounter clients, employers, professors and people who do not give a damn about you and they will not hesitate to show it and let you know it.

You have to know how to handle yourself and how to handle them. There are bully’s in the world. In the hallways at school and in the board rooms of music studios and corporations. You must know how to stand up for yourself and how to shut them down in a away that does not alienate your opportunities.

I am the goddess who has been charged to equip you for the journey.

Yes, goddess.

You may be physically stronger than I am as in your ability to move and lift heavy shit, but remember that I AM a life source. My role in your life and in the circle of creation is an extraordinary one. Do not take who I am for granted. Do not take what I do for granted. I chose to be your mother with an extraordinary since of ownership and pride and I will not fail you.

As you embark on your last year of high school and prepare to go off to college, I am always with you. Praying for you, cheering for you, supporting you, believing in you and yes; even sometimes correcting you.

My beloved Evan, you are greater to me than any thing. You are my son and I will go to the gates of hell to get to you. Hopefully, if you heed I will never have to.

Love you forever, and ever and ever!


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  1. That was wonderful and uplifting. In a few paragraphs you captured many of the important sentiments that a mother should be expressing to her son. Evan is blessed to have you as a mother. A mother who gives and shows love; while contemporaneously giving guidance and correction. Love is not always hugs and kisses, sometimes it can be best expressed with critical; yet necessary words. I’m sure Evan will treasure this piece, and learn and grow from it. Great job


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