Almost Erotica: Poetic Edition

Every time I close my eyes

I feel your head in between my thighs

So much so, my mid day dreams are being interrupted by visions of your tongue swirling deep inside

My nights are sleepless

As I toss and turn

In anticipation of being in baggage claim looking for your face amoungst thousands

I always feel you before I see you

And then I see the bouquet of happiness

Lavendar, pink, white, purple and blush red bursts of whatever is in season

Bursting with color and vibrancy

Mirroring my passion for you

I cannot wait to drink from my well, courtesy of your cheeks that store my nectar like a squirrel harvesting nuts for winter

So its never a quick bite before check in or a stroll in the park

Room service will leave food at our door that we will get to later than sooner

I have a walk to take through every strand of hair on your body and pores to open with the flicker of my tongue

There is an appointment with sucking my juices from the tip of your beast and wiping the drizzle off my chin that has fallen from your lush beard that smells like Lily Rose

I am in anticipation

Of awakening a new level of nasty sweet

Every single time sweeter

Much nastier


I cannot feel my legs or the earth beneath me

If I were a catholic girl I would have to count a mile of beads and ask for penance for what we do

I need the flight arrival time

I can’t close my eyes

All I can feel is you

Come, put me to sleep

-Lily Rose

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