Be Changed or Be Offended

The truth hurts. When we hear truth that requires change for next level living and growth we can either embrace it or be offended and see the person who brought it as an enemy as opposed to a change agent.

Most people really do not want their perception of themselves to be challenged, neither do they really want to see their deceptions, deficiencies or demons. Most would rather the person they are now to be reinforced as opposed to allowing the person they are to become…become.

Elevation is neither comfortable or convenient. Living our best life will require that we face our worse selves with courage and thank the person who is holding up the mirror we refused to.

Diamonds have to be set in it’s proper setting and each diamond will require its own measured setting. Each and every one.

A laborious task for the jeweler but very necessary because she/he knows that failure to measure, examine and prepare the right setting will result in substantial loss.

Personal confrontation is sent to perfect in us what needs to be matured or corrected so we can receive what it is we want and need. Ultimately, becoming our very best selves in every conceivable way with unlimited resources and an abundance of gratitude.

-Dana Lena’

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